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Full Mouth Reconstruction Specialist

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Full mouth reconstruction is a highly individualized service that includes multiple treatments geared toward rebuilding your smile. The experienced team at Dentistry For Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia, ensures you have a complete understanding of all the treatments and services within your tailored plan. To start planning your full mouth reconstruction, call Dentistry For Midtown or book an appointment online today.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Q&A

What is full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a complex service that aims to rebuild your entire smile after damage has impacted its appearance and function. The skilled team at Dentistry For Midtown evaluates the individual problems in your mouth and repairs them with several clinical, reconstructive, and cosmetic dental treatments. 

Each full mouth reconstruction plan is different from the next. A detailed consultation includes an evaluation with imaging tests like X-rays and iTero® digital scans. The team takes a closer look at your teeth, roots, gums, and bite position before developing your treatment plan.

A full mouth reconstruction is not an option for you if you’re missing all of your adult teeth. In that case, you’ll need complete dentures instead of a tailored plan with multiple services. 

Why do I need a full mouth reconstruction?

There are many different reasons why people lose or badly damage their teeth and gums. Your teeth can break, erode, or fall out due to:


Traumatic accidents can cause minor damages like chips and cracks, or they can ravage your gum tissues and cause teeth to fall out entirely. 

Accidents may be unpredictable and unpreventable, but the team at Dentistry For Midtown can care for your injuries with emergency dental care and reconstruct your smile for ideal appearance and function. 


Tooth decay and gum disease, two of the most common forms of oral infection, can have a significant impact on your smile. In the most severe cases, they can cost you one or several teeth. 

The team at Dentistry For Midtown can make repairs or offer tooth replacement options for infection-related damage during your full mouth reconstruction. 

Long-term wear

Sometimes, oral damage doesn’t happen as abruptly or noticeably as acute infections or traumatic injuries do. Long-term wear occurs with acidic foods and beverages, tooth grinding, acid reflux, and generally poor oral health maintenance like neglecting to visit the dentist. 

Which methods are available for full mouth reconstruction?

Dentistry For Midtown ensures that you’ll get the best possible result from your full mouth reconstruction. To make such a bold promise, they offer a wide variety of high-end dental services to repair or replace teeth that no longer function at their best or aesthetically stand out. 

Your full mouth reconstruction consists of some of these and other advanced treatment options:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Dental implants
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Partial dentures
  • Veneers
  • Gum contouring
  • FastBraces®
  • Invisalign®

The sooner you get treatment for issues like broken, missing, or worn down teeth, the better. If you do not seek treatment for these issues, they can worsen or cause other complications. For example, an untreated, missing tooth can lead to jawbone damage. 

With enough bone deterioration, a dental implant may no longer be an option. 

Start planning your personalized full mouth reconstruction; schedule a consultation by phone or online at Dentistry For Midtown today.