Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Atlanta, GA

If a troublesome tooth has kept you up at night or keeps you from chewing your food, it’s time to contact our best endodontist near you for assistance. Postponing treatment at Dentistry For Midtown may worsen the problem and finally transform it into a dental emergency.

How Are Root Canal Infections Formed?

Root canal infections develop over a span of several weeks or even months. Oral bacteria penetrate the tooth chamber and result in inflammation of the nerves and blood vessels. The bacteria may enter through a chip or crack or if the tooth has been compromised due to trauma. Bacteria may also enter through a tooth that has been treated repeatedly. The inflamed tooth chamber results in heightened sensitivity and acute pain. Root canal therapy in Atlanta, GA, helps clear up an infected root canal and saves the tooth from extraction. Pockets of hidden decay, cavities, chips, and cracks can be detected during routine dental exams.

Benefits of Getting Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment can result in lasting pain relief, and our reliable endodontic specialists in Atlanta, GA, can save the tooth from extraction. A treated tooth can last several years or even a lifetime without further trouble. Performing a root canal near you also prevents the oral bacteria from spreading to the soft tissue and causing gum disease.

Does Endodontic Treatment Hurt?

Root canals may be simple or surgical, depending on the tooth’s location and the number of tooth roots. After thoroughly evaluating the decayed tooth, surrounding gums, and jaw, we will determine the best way to resolve the problem. Our highly trained dentists at Dentistry For Midtown use effective sedation to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Our patients experience minimal discomfort and no pain during root canal surgery. We will prescribe suitable medication and painkillers to minimize post-procedural soreness and accelerate healing. An untreated root canal may lead to the formation of a pus-filled abscess that may require emergency drainage. In extreme cases, the oral bacteria may seep into the bloodstream and threaten your overall well-being.