Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Atlanta, GA

While some people may not be concerned about missing a tooth, replacing missing teeth is crucial. Over time, the surrounding teeth can drift into the space, changing your bite and loosening otherwise healthy ones. Our dentists at Dentistry For Midtown in Atlanta, GA, may suggest dental bridges near you to replace teeth that are missing.

Common Types of Bridges

While our dentists have several types of bridges to choose from, the three most common types are traditional or fixed, cantilever, and implant-supported bridges.

Traditional Bridges

A traditional bridge has one or more replacement teeth, called pontics, and a dental crown on either end. The crowns fit over healthy teeth on either side of the bridge to help support it. Those supportive teeth are prepped or trimmed to accept the crowns. A traditional bridge can go anywhere in the mouth, with healthy anchor teeth supporting it.

Cantilever Bridges

Like the traditional bridge, a cantilever bridge dental has a crown on one end to support the bridge. Our dentists at Dentistry For Midtown in Atlanta, GA, can place this type of bridge in areas where there is only one natural tooth to anchor the bridge. Our dentists will examine your teeth to find out which dental bridges will work best for your needs.

Implant Supported Bridges

As long as the jaw can support them, you can opt to have an implant-supported bridge replace your missing teeth. When you choose this type of bridge, our dentists will measure your jawbone to ensure it has the necessary depth and length to support the implants you’ll need. If you have a large gap in your teeth, this type of bridge may be the best replacement option. The bridge can replace up to five or six teeth and doesn’t rely on other teeth to support it. Instead, the implants embedded in your jaw support it. There is no need for embarrassment due to missing teeth. Our dentists at Dentistry For Midtown in Atlanta, GA, can assess your remaining teeth and jaw to recommend the best options for dental bridges to replace your teeth and give you back a beautiful smile.