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You can save a damaged or deeply infected tooth with a durable dental crown designed by the team at Dentistry For Midtown. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the dental office takes molds, impressions, and images to make crowns that fit in among your other teeth and offer protection. A crown can also replace a tooth by covering an implant or securing a pontic as part of a dental bridge. To set up a crown consultation, call Dentistry For Midtown or book online today.

Crowns Q&A

What are crowns?

Dental crowns are single prosthetic teeth that can either cover and reinforce or replace natural teeth. The team at Dentistry For Midtown can create a custom crown that fits like a cap over a damaged tooth or attaches to a dental implant. 

You have a few different options for crown materials:

All-metal crowns

All-metal crowns like gold or palladium crowns are the strongest of the three options. They rarely chip or break and do not tend to wear down, so they last the longest. However, they don’t look natural at all. Metal crowns are best for molars that withstand the full force of your bite but aren’t at the front of your mouth. 

Ceramic-on-metal crowns

Ceramic-on-metal crowns include a white ceramic component fused to a durable metal base. They work for front or back teeth but don’t offer as natural an appearance as ceramic crowns or the full strength and durability of all-metal crowns. 

All-ceramic crowns

All-ceramic crowns look the most similar to natural teeth; however, they’re not quite as durable as the others. For this reason, all-ceramic crowns are the best option for missing or damaged teeth in the front of the mouth that don’t experience pressure when you bite down. 

When do I need a crown?

The Dentistry For Midtown team will tell you if a crown is among the recommended treatments for your oral health concern. A crown customized to meet your needs can:

  • Secure a dental bridge
  • Prevent a weak tooth from breaking
  • Restore the shape of a damaged or worn-down tooth
  • Improve the appearance of a misshapen or deeply discolored tooth
  • Support a tooth that has a large filling
  • Replace a tooth by covering a dental implant

If you’re missing a tooth and want to use a crown in the replacement process, you need to choose between getting a dental implant to support the crown or getting a bridge. 

What is the procedure for getting a crown?

The team at Dentistry For Midtown knows how to create crowns that look remarkably natural and compliment the rest of your smile. In addition, they offer sedation dentistry to make you as comfortable as possible throughout the crown placement process.

During your initial visit, the team takes images of your mouth and prepares your tooth by removing some enamel; then, they take molds or impressions for making the crown. You’ll wear a temporary crown over the tooth for around two weeks as the team makes your permanent crown in a lab.

At a second visit, the team checks the fit of the new crown by removing the temporary crown and placing the permanent one over the tooth; they make some final adjustments, then bond it in place. 

To book your crown consultation, call Dentistry For Midtown or schedule an appointment online today.