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Losing most or all of your teeth requires a reliable option for a replacement that won’t stop you from speaking or eating your favorite foods. At Dentistry For Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia, the skilled team uses impressions and molds to create complete and partial dentures. They can also make temporary dentures to replace teeth that will eventually get bridges or implants. To book a consultation for dentures, call Dentistry For Midtown or schedule online today.

Dentures Q&A

What are dentures?

Dentures are oral prostheses that replace missing teeth. As a highly effective and efficient way to replace many missing teeth, dentures have been a top choice for patients for centuries. Dentures have evolved exponentially in that time and are now far more customizable and almost indistinguishable from your natural teeth. 

The team at Dentistry For Midtown designs your dentures using inspiration from your original teeth. They consider the shapes, sizes, and tones that will appear most natural in your mouth when you wear them daily, and make sure your dentures are the exact size to fit securely. 

After an examination to make sure dentures are the right choice, the team takes molds or impressions of your mouth; then uses them to create your dentures in a lab. When ready, you’ll try them on, and the team makes any final adjustments to the device. 

What are the three main types of dentures?

Dentistry For Midtown offers three types of dentures for your convenience:

Temporary dentures

Temporary dentures are available when you’re undergoing cosmetic dental work and need them for just a short amount of time. These dentures will meet your needs until your permanent restoration is ready. A metal framework holds the denture in place, and like a retainer, you can take it in and out at any time. 

Partial dentures

Partial dentures include a base and metal framework. The framework holds onto any remaining sturdy teeth, and on the base, false teeth replace those missing. Partial dentures replace some teeth but never all of them. 

Complete dentures

Complete dentures replace every tooth in your mouth. Since there are no remaining teeth to use for support, complete dentures do not use a metal framework. Instead, they include false soft plastic gums. 

If you’re getting complete dentures, the standard option is to remove any remaining teeth and wait 8-12 weeks for your denture fitting since the bone and gums tend to shrink as they heal. 

Dentistry For Midtown also offers immediate dentures ready to wear right after any extractions, but you’ll need to come back for a fit adjustment later. 

How can I take great care of my dentures?

The team at Dentistry For Midtown has lots of experience when it comes to caring for dentures and making sure they last. To care for your dentures, you must:

  • Take them out to sleep
  • Soak them overnight
  • Rinse them thoroughly after every meal
  • Use a soft denture brush to dislodge food fragments
  • Brush your mouth issues before putting them back in
  • Use an antiseptic mouthwash

You should attend all of your regular dental cleanings and exams as usual. With great care and upkeep, you can go 5-10 years without needing a denture replacement. 

To schedule a consultation for complete, partial, or temporary dentures, call Dentistry For Midtown or book online today.