The Truth About Fastbraces

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Fastbraces® are the quickest way to improve the alignment of crooked teeth. These devices often negate the need for extractions and they can safely straighten teeth in as little as three months. This article will explore how Fastbraces® work and some of the important things to know when thinking about going this route.

How Fastbraces improve the alignment of teeth

Fastbraces® share some similarities with traditional metal braces, but there are also some key differences. Both devices use a combination of brackets and wires to straighten teeth. Tightening the wires on either device leads to more force being applied to the wearer's teeth.

The key differences between Fastbraces® and traditional metal braces are the types of brackets and wires used. Braces use rectangular brackets and wires to move teeth to a better alignment. The device moves the top part of the person's teeth first then it moves the roots. It is this two-stage process that usually leads to longer treatment times with traditional braces compared to other ways to straighten teeth.

Fastbraces® consist of triangular brackets and square wires. The combination of these things allows the device to push teeth crowns and roots at the same time. Doing these together significantly shortens treatment times with clear braces. It also helps with root absorption after the treatment is complete, creating less of a need to use a retainer. Fastbraces are typically recommended when all of the patient's permanent teeth are fully developed.

Treatment times with Fastbraces can be anywhere from three months to a year. Patients with minor orthodontic issues typically need about three months to straighten their teeth, while those with severely misaligned teeth might have to wear their device for up to a year. That is about the shortest treatment time a person can expect with traditional metal braces regardless of how minor their orthodontic issues are.

Research also indicates that treatment with Fastbraces typically leads to less pain and discomfort compared to when traditional metal braces are used. The increased comfort that comes with Fastbraces is attributed to the device creating little or no frictional forces. Less friction being caused by an orthodontic device usually translates into less pain for the patient.

When the patient's treatment is over, the need for a retainer to keep their teeth in their new position will be minimal. Most patients only have to wear retainers for about 20 minutes a day, while those who choose other ways to improve the alignment of their teeth might have to wear retainers for several hours each day for the rest of their lives.


Fastbraces are not as conspicuous as traditional metal braces. They have a smaller, sleeker design and there are clear options that are barely noticeable in a person's mouth. The clear version looks similar to clear braces. Transparent triangular brackets are used with transparent wires.

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