What To Know About Dental Implants
By Dentistry for Midtown
July 21, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental implants are one option for replacing missing teeth and their roots. Dental implants are permanent so there is no risk of them fallingdental implants out. Additionally, they look and function like natural teeth so no one will even know they are replacements. Dental implants offer several other benefits, as well. At Dentistry for Midtown, dental implants can be placed by Dr. Laura Koch, Dr. Andrew Soulimiotis or Dr. Sunny Patel, your dentists in Midtown.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants can restore your smile, as well as normal tooth functioning. Dental implants offer multiple benefits, including:

  • They replace missing teeth and restore your smile.
  • They blend in and look like natural teeth.
  • Normal tooth functions, such as biting and chewing, are restored.
  • Installation is permanent with no need for dental adhesives.
  • Once installed, they will not fall out or slip out of place.
  • Speech improves/returns to normal without gaps adversely altering tongue placement.
  • When properly cared for like natural teeth, dental implants can last a lifetime.
  • Having a full smile with no missing teeth can boost self-esteem.

Installing Dental Implants

In Midtown, dental implants can be placed by your dentist at Dentistry for Midtown. Dental implants are made of a metal implant that sits below the gum line, a porcelain crown that sits above the gum line and the abutment that connects the implant and crown. Installation usually requires two appointments. At the first one, your dentist will place the implant into the jaw bone to anchor it in place. The crown will be installed at a second appointment after the implant has had time to fuse with the jaw bone. Once complete, only the crown will be visible.

Dental implants deliver several benefits, including a renewed smile and restored tooth functioning. In Midtown, dental implants are available at Dentistry for Midtown. To schedule learn more about dental implants and find out if they are right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Koch, Dr. Soulimiotis or Dr. Patel by calling Dentistry for Midtown at (404) 249-1716.