How Fastbraces® Work

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Fastbraces® might be needed when individuals want to straighten their teeth, but may not be looking forward to having to deal with an orthodontic device for a few years. Gone are the days when individuals have to wait years to improve the alignment of their teeth. Fastbraces® can safely improve the alignment of a person's smile in as little as three months. The longest a patient might have to wear Fastbraces® is a year.

Introducing Fastbraces

Fastbraces® work using the same concept found in traditional braces. The device exerts pressure on the patient's teeth, slowly moving it to a better alignment. Unlike traditional metal braces, which consists of sets of brackets placed on teeth, wires used to connect the brackets, and rubber bands at the back of the mouth; Fastbraces uses a more efficient system.

Fastbraces use triangular brackets that are cemented to the patient's teeth just as is the case with traditional braces. These brackets are connected to square-shaped wires that reach down to teeth roots. It is the square-like wires used to connect the triangular brackets that come with Fastbraces which lead to faster treatment times.

Traditional metal braces work by first moving the top part of teeth and later moving their roots. That is the reason why treatment times with metal braces are typically longer than treatment time with Fastbraces or clear aligners.

Fastbraces can move teeth crowns and their roots at the same time. This speeds up the patient's treatment time significantly, and it also makes it easier for their teeth to stay at their new position. Those who get treatment with Fastbraces usually only have to wear a retainer for about 15 minutes per day. Some of those who go with other teeth alignment appliances like metal braces might have to wear retainers for years or, even, the rest of their lives.

Benefits of treatment with Fastbraces

The popularity of Fastbraces continues to grow thanks to the many benefits it has over traditional metal braces. These include:

  • Faster treatment times. Some have a straighter smile in as little as 20 weeks
  • It preserves the patient's bite so there is no need to relearn how to chew or talk when their teeth move to the desired position
  • Patients who opt for Fastbraces for their orthodontic treatments rarely need extractions
  • Fastbraces only use one wire which leads to less discomfort during treatment
  • The patient's jawbone reabsorbs teeth roots faster which helps to stabilize the patient's teeth in their new position
  • People who wear Fastbraces experience less pain than those who go with traditional metal braces

Life after getting Fastbraces

People who straighten their teeth with Fastbraces do not have to deal with the hassle of wearing retainers for prolonged periods. Wearing a retainer for about 15 minutes a day is enough to keep their teeth properly aligned.

Improve the alignment of your teeth

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